How to check jio balance

Many of Reliance Users looking for the method to check Jio Balance , So Today in Our post we are going to share the method to check Jio Balance in mobile , check jio balance in jio prepaid number , 4g data check number in jio and all the ussd codes to check jio sim balance stay tuned with our post or scroll down to the ussd codes and methods tab.

How to Check Jio Balance

Jio is world’s biggest company to grow on such fast rate, jio became so popular in india right after there launch in India. Just after the launch of jio , Jio came with very lucrative offers such like Unlimited calling , unlimited 4g data. but after completion of Jio Welcome offer period. jio introduce it’s prepaid and postpaid plans. also introduce some ussd codes to check jio data balance , jio sim balance. to check your jio sim balance you can follow these ussd codes

USSD Codes to check JIO Balance

Details USSD code
Know my Jio Number Dial *1# or use this method
Know balance/talktime *333#
Check 4G data usage MBAL to 55333
Check prepaid balance & validity sms BAL to 199
Know bill amount sms BILL to 199
Check current tariff plan sms MYPLAN to 199
Activate 4G data Call 1925 or sms START to 1925
Check net balance use MyJio app
Caller Tune Activation Code *333*3*1*1#
Deactivate Jio Caller Tune *333*3*1*2#
Check Call Rate sms TARIFF to 191
Know jio number of JioFi device sms JIO to 199

How to Check JIO main balance

  1. To Know my Jio Number Dial *1#
  2. To Know balance/talk time *333#
  3. To Check 4G data usage sms MBAL to 55333
  4. To Check net balance use MyJio app

If you are smartphone user the best way to check jio data balance , jio sim balance is via MY JIO App , Download jio app from google play store link given – My Jio Application  for android

My Jio App for Iphone users 

With these applications you can easily check JIO balance



jio sim call not going / call ended problem Fixed

Still worrying why call ended in jio sim card we fixed it In this tutorial we will fix jio call not going issue. Reliance jio providing free unlimited 4g data with unlimited Voice call facility. If you are facing jio sim call not going/call not connecting issues don’t worry we will fix such jio issues in this post, many people complaining about jio they are getting problem over jio network while making a call connectivity. So to solve this problem all you have to do is “need to perform few basic checks” after getting them right your jio sim connectivity issue will be solved.

Do check below-mentioned points with your device/jio sim. Whether these facilities available in your device/Sim or missed
Do your phone support VoLTE?
Do you have an active plan with validity on your jio number?
Are you using 4G compatible smartphone?

Let’s me assume you are using a VoLTE supported mobile device in this case you don’t need to install any extra application like Jio 4G Voice app to make voice calls over Jio 4G network.

In case if you are using a non-VoLTE supported device then you have to install Jio 4G Voice app. In case you already installed Jio 4G Voice app still getting call error issue below I will help you configuring jio 4G voice app. I will instruct you how to fix jio 4G voice app

How to fix jio 4g voice offline issue –

  1. Using a VoLTE compatible smartphone still getting call error issue. Do check with your sim slots most mobile companies offer VoLTE in the first slot. If you are using VoLTE sim in the second slot change it to first sim slot. By doing this we are assured Jio voice call problem got fixed.
  2. If your smartphone isn’t VoLTE compatible You need to download jio 4G voice app in your mobile phone. by using jio 4G voice user able to call anywhere but you just turn on your jio internet connectivity.

First of all check ur sim if using jio sim in 2nd slot change it to the first slot of your smartphone.

Activate Airplane mode now deactivate airplane mode

Now perform a power restart of your device

Now go to settings> mobile network > search for mobile network manually not automatically

Now registered on jio network… Mobile will come up with 5 to 6 networks you have to select jio 4g.

After that turned on your internet connectivity

Now open jio 4g voice app, it will start connecting to the network once connection established, it will be online and ready for the call.

After following all these steps you are able to call using Jio 4G Voice app you wouldn’t face any problem-related Jio calling problem.

Do you have an active plan with validity on your jio number? In case you don’t have an active jio plan with validity in this case company stopped your date and voice call services. So do check your plan validity through my jio app. If your plan validity expired recharge your jio sim to active voice calling and data services on your Mobile.

Data Network isn’t turned on – in case your jio mobile data is off in your non VoLTE supported Mobile device than you are not able to make calls over jio network. In VoLTE supported devices there’s no such problem but in Non VoLTE device’s you have to turned on mobile data to use calling features in jio network.

Tele verification isn’t happened / Tele verification is pending – In case your tele verification isn’t done you are not able to take advantage of jio network. So complete tele verification to flawlessly use of jio sim. Do check our other article – how to activate jio sim connection it will help you with tele verification.

all 1977 to complete jio tele verification. For data tele verification call 1800-890-1977. You have to verify your details like aadhar card number with jio officials over tele verification. But in today’s time jio sim activation done through eKYC by using thumb impression if you got jio sim with eKYC method than you don’t have to do tele verification jio sim got activated within 15 minutes.

If the above method work for you l, great another case you must call to jio customer support number to raise your complaint. They will proceed with your complaint to their technical department will solve your problem asap.

How to check Jio sim activation status

Jio SIM activation status check – if you’re looking to track your jio SIM activation status we will help you regarding this in case face any issue in jio SIM activation or website help you to track down your jio sim status whether its active or not active there no certain method to check jio SIM activation status but we try to find out some ways throw you can check for your jio SIM activation delay so without taking any time to let me start the process Normally jio Sim activated within hour. In today’s time.sim connection allotted on Aadhar card linking. So it doesn’t take that much time like it was in past Era.

Reliance Jio Sim Activation Status Check Online Guide

Jio India brings revolution in Indian Telecom Industry. Jio offering Unlimited Internet Voice calls. Such offers don’t exist before. After the entrance of Jio in the telecom industry, the whole scenario changed with god lighting fast speed. Come back to point…

I assume that you already bought Jio Sim Connection and now looking for a method to check your Jio Sim Status whether it’s activated or Not. In this article, we have shared Info How to Check Your Jio Sim Activation Status. Very handy Information on Jio Sim Activation time period. How to activate jio sim online am assured it will help you solve your query.

How to Check Jio Sim Activation Status – In past jio take almost 3 to 5 days to activate your newly purchased Sim connection. but now they activate Jio sim within 15 Minute through digital Aadhar KYC process by verifying your details with thump impression matching it with your adhar. So you do not need to worry about the Jio sim activation status..but still, if you sim is not activated yet or you want to check Jio sim is activated or not user need to note these things…

  • On jio sim application form always mentioned your alternative Mobile Number
  • On this mobile Number, you will receive tele verification call from Reliance Jio.

So don’t forget to provide your alternative working mobile number on the jio sim application form.

Most website’s shared methods working in 2016, 2017 most of these website’s outdated. Here we trying to out fresh content that works in 2018. Yeah

Methods to check your jio sim activation status

Method 1 – By Insert Jio Sim in your Volte Supported Smartphone.after than move to settings > More Network > LTE only Network. Now your device began to search for network select automatically. Choose Jio 4G if device registered that means your jio sim connection got activated.
METHOD 2 – once your jio sim activated you will receive a Welcome to Jio Network message on your Number if your sim is not activated yet you can manually contact jio support by calling them 18008899999 Request them to activate your jio connection they will register a request and Further Proceed

Once you purchased sim Jio Store proceed it for further verification purpose after completing all verification process Jio Store activate Your Jio sim connection. now you are able to check Jio signals in your mobile that means your sim got activated by Jio Official but you are not able to make outgoing calls internet usability until the user doesn’t complete tele verification by calling 1977.

  • Call 1977 for televerification to activate both data and voice call services
  • Call 1800 890 1977 tele verification for data services only

This process is after jio sim purchase. After your sim got activated by jio store, received Jio signals in the mobile device then proceed further for tele verification

Immediately Jio Sim Activation using aadhar Card. Reliance jio SIM activation using Aadhar card e KYC take few minutes jio sim connection got activated within 15 minutes of Aadhaar e KYC user can use jio Sim immediately after activation if you want to activate your jio Sim immediately you need to submit your Aadhaar Card details Aadhar card copy Store jio Store will asked user to complete aadhar card fingerprint verification through digital e kyc. Fingerprint verification and you’re done.

Complaint Help regarding Jio sim Activation status – In case jio connection not activated

After doing everything if your jio sim is not activating than you can raise complaints to jio customer numbers here on our website we will provide the official jio customer support number.

TOLL-FREE Numbers – 1800-889-9999 in case you are calling from non-jio number call this number to ask for help from jio support.

  • If you are Calling from another jio sim call.198 or 199

*You can also contact 1800-90-1977 |1977 to raise the jio related complaint.

  • Call 1800-889-9333 for corporate jio customer support

Reliance jio currently fastest growing 4G network with 15 million user base across India Reliance produce difficulties for its competitors by providing less cost internet data free calling free SMS facility Reliance to provide for the connectivity all across India you don’t have 2G 3g network jio only have 4g connectivity.

Jio also providing other services at free of cost like Jio live TV jio music jio hello tune all you need jio sim connection and active plan on your mobile you can download all jio applications directly from Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iPhone user without jio we can’t assume using for speed internet at low cost in India

I still remember I pay approx 200 300 rupees a month for 2G internet that sucks that’s why I admire Reliance jio initiative that brings revolution in Indian telecom industry I hope jio SIM activation status information will help you to follow your problem query regarding SIM activation status if you face any problem then don’t hesitate to come and down we will try to find the right solution



How to activate jio sim online

Reliance jio for 4G Sim how to activate jio Sim online  –after the launching of jio 4g back in 2016 in India. Jio became the fastest growing Telecom company in India with 15 million user base in India. jio only work with 4g internet connectivity. So finally Reliance Jio 4G launched in India in 2016. Much waited telecom revolution truely Jio became a trendsetter in India.

Jio impact force other telecom companies to cut down there Internet pricing. With unlimited data unlimited voice call unlimited SMS kind of package’s reliance jio make a clear statement to its competitive companies to be in the game competitive companies struggling hard for a comeback.

Before launching there paid services reliance jio create a buzz by offering its services free beta version for testing purposes. With the announcement of Jio, it is a war situation between telecom companies. Currently, along with there attractive Packages, JIO offers jio live TV, JIO Music app, jio chat, jio money a kind of digital wallet. Come back to point, If you looking to activate your jio Sim connection than you have to follow the below instructions.

Steps to activate jio sim online 2018

First of all, you need a Jio Sim. this is how to get a Jio Sim (but in this article, we are assuming that you already got a jio sim) –

  • Method 1 – use thumbprint to get jio connection, you sim activated immediately after getting jio thumbprint. You are considered as an eKYC customer.
  • Method 2 – User has to fill filled and signed paper application to get jio sim this method it will take 1 to 2 business days in jio sim are considered as Non-eKYC Customer.

First of all, you need a jio sim connection. It is pretty easy to have a jio sim connection. All you have to do is go to jio official retailer/ Jio store ask them for new jio connection.

Update – eKYC Customer – You don’t need Tele-Verification to activate your Jio Sim
Non eKYC Customer Call 1800-890-1977 from any alternative mobile number that you gave during jio sim application form to complete the tele verification process for data services.

*User need to fill an application to get a jio connection

In past, it took almost 3 to 4 day’s for verification purpose But now it takes only 15 minutes to activate your new jio connection by fingerprint verification. The user needs to submit aadhar card copy to get a jio sim connection.

  1. After sim got activated, the network appears in the sim card.
  2. Now the user has to complete tele verification by calling jio tele verification number given
  3. After completing successfully tele verification user will receive a msg on mobile phone welcome to the jio family.

that’s all you have to do to activate your jio sim connection if still you jio sim activation pending do contact jio customer support by calling jio customer support number given below ~

Raise a complaint there will clarify why your jio sim activation delay. Is there anything wrong with your documentation. Or anything else they will help you with there best.

  • Basic Must have things to use a JIO 4G sim.
  • First of all, user must have a 4G phone. Jio doesn’t support 2G, 3G network. Your smartphone must be capable of 4g connectivity

Reliance Jio Tariff Plans for prepaid Mobiles – Jio offering great tariff plans to their customers just because competition with reliance jio another competitive companies Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, BSNL also start offering lucrative Prepaid plans to attract the customer.

In fact, other commercial companies have fear of customer loss. People moving ahead to get jio connection. Resultant Reliance Jio became world fastest companies to reach 15 million of customer base within the short time span. Below we have posted current jio current tariff plans offers…

 Jio Current Tariff Plans updated – 9 September 2018

Plan Details
Plan MRP
Validity (days)
**Total Data (GB)
*2GB per month
1.5GB per day plans
2GB per day plans
3GB per day plan
4GB per day plan
With the above plans you will also get unlimited voice calling, unlimited SMS 100/day and complimentary subscription of Jio Apps
*In MRP 98 plan you will get total 2GB data and 300 SMS for a month
**Post consuming data at high speed the unlimited data @ 64 Kbps

In case you are not a Jio Prime member, you need to pay Rs.99 as a onetime membership fee for Jio prime and can recharge with any of the above plans.